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Our Philosophy

The Birkelbach Mediagroup GmbH was founded by Jörg Birkelbach in 2003. From the founder’s various backgrounds, the idea of the first TV discounter for branded products was born. Over time, the successful concept was systematically complemented with web TV and InstoreTV, in order to take into account consumers’ changing media behaviour.

Jörg Birkelbach is connected to the subject of wine in many ways. He was born in the Rhineland and brought up by the River Mosel. From an early age, he learned about the craft – behind the scenes and not only as an aficionado of good wines.

As a journalist and author of books, he has been writing articles about the opportunities that new media offers, especially on the Internet, for various business sectors. With his article “cyber grapes and virtual wine tastings” in the newspaper “DIE WELT” on 8 August 1995, he was ahead of the curve in describing the possibilities for vintners and wine dealers to use the Internet as a marketing tool and a worldwide sales channel.

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Article on cybergrapes and virtual wine tasting.
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A creative, experienced and competent team advises and supports customers in the area of health and wellness, communal institutions, health insurances, associations, corporate networks and companies in the consumer goods industry and energy trades.

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