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Creative Video Productions

Would you like to have a video portrait of your vineyard? Would you like to win as many interested parties for your wines as possible and inform them about the distinctiveness of your wines?

Then please feel free to contact us. We offer creative video productions for the Internet and Smart TV, we create your web presence or we will completely support you to win prospective buyers through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc.)

We have 12 years’ experience in the area of video production. From the concept to generating ideas and editing; recording, sound and video cutting to publishing on the Internet, in stores or on traditional TV - we offer one-stop professional video and film productions.

We create image films, product videos, event films (live broadcasts as well), documentaries, training videos or classical DRTV and teleshopping spots, which can generate interest and turnover on TV as well as on video portals on the Internet. With our drone, we can also take marvelous air images of your vineyard.

Our services in the area of Smart TV

Present yourself and your vineyard on our Smart TV app. Here you will find our concrete offer:

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Tel. +49 2234-25630-13

Our professional team will be at your service if you ...

upgrade your website through an image film or a corporate film
want to sell your products and services on the Internet
want to broadcast a press conference live on the Internet
if you want to inform and train your staff and sales partners about new products


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