Germany’s growing regions are the northernmost wine growing regions in the world. The local climate with its distinct seasons, significant day and night fluctuation and a relatively long vegetation period form the basis for expressive wines. The wines come from officially-classified growing regions. The biggest vineyard areas stretch along the most well-known German rivers – the Rhine, Ahr, Mosel, Saar, Ruwer, Nahe, Elbe and the Saale. We take you on a journey into the most beautiful wine regions of Germany

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Weine aus Baden

Die meisten badischen Familienweingüter haben sich zu Erzeuger-Gemeinschaften (Winzergenossenschaften) zusammengeschlossen, die nach strengen Qualitätsregeln ihre Weintrauben erzeugen. 77 Winzergenossenschaften produzieren 80 % der badischen Weine.

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